i’m putting a dent in the thanksgiving leftovers, slowly but surely.

roasted sweet potatos
beet salad
green bean casserole
almond float
quiche 1 of 2

yet to be TKO’ed:
quiche 2 of 2
orzo salad
potato macaroni salad
20oz. rib eye

i’m starting to get tired of quiche and orzo salad for lunch…

i saw skyline last night, and it may have been the worst movie i’ve ever seen.  and i’ve seen some really terrible movies.  here’s a quick review:

score: 0/10
pros: a couple hot chicks, Turk from Scrubs, and cool CG FX
cons: worst movie ever created

first off, i know i know i know. the movie looked horrible. reviews were brutal. i know all of this. but a lot of brainless thrillers are that way – after you suspend any expectation for quality acting, dialogue, plot, etc., the action and effects and one-liners are usually pretty good. skyline did not achieve this at all. it was beyond horrible. do not go see it. it’s a waste of life.

plot summary (and lots of spoilers) after the jump

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i spent the past weekend in san diego to celebrate evie’s birthday (as well as the now overshadowed birthdays of justin and valerie).  the trip was a lot of fun, but entirely too short, as i didn’t really get to hang out with everybody i wanted to.  furthermore, the driving:fun ratio was way too fucking high, since jonathan and i spent ~18 hours on the road for what amounted to about 30 hours of hanging out in socal (5 of which were spent sleeping).  i’ll have to head back down soon (by plane).

it’s almost been a year since my last post.  how sad.

i came to the realization today that i spend a good amount of my time on facebook ‘like’ing the pictures of the babies and toddlers of my friends and family.  i can’t decide if i’m happy or depressed that i’m basically in the same position that i was a year ago while things are changing rapidly and drastically for a lot of the people around me.  to that effect, i’m heading to santa cruz this weekend for a wedding of a college buddy.  should be a good time.



for the past 2+ years, i’ve been toting my dirty clothes down to the communal coin-op washers and dryers of my old apartment buildings to do the laundry.  last night, i used the washer / dryer in our new apartment for the first time.  somewhere between the hamper, the W/D, and my dresser, i managed to lose a sock.  FML.

addendum: found it.  unFML.



i was browsing the ‘free’ category on craigslist, looking for free moving boxes for our upcoming move.  this is what i found:

we should get it.  it’d probably be a hit with the ladies.

red flag


i spent an hour today looking up biometrics companies in the bay area to apply to and researching the salary ranges for various software engineering positions.  has it really come to this?  uff.

proud cuncle


on september 1st at approximately 12 noon PST, Justin’s baby girl, Evelyn, was born into the world.  mom and baby are already back home and doing great, and justin says that from time to time, she squeaks.


she’s a beauty.  i can’t wait to meet her!  also, huge congratulations to the proud parents, justin and natalie!

addendum: for some reason, all of the male cousins decided to spontaneously qualify their cuncleness via google chat status.  here are the current standings:

  • me – veiniest cuncle (also: lightest cuncle)
  • jonathan – employedest cuncle
  • scott – no shirt cuncle
  • brandon – oldest cuncle (also: bitter, ignored cuncle)

not surprisingly, val and monique have chosen to pass on the “caunt” moniker and opt instead for “cousaunt”.


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